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The Sunshine Center Presents!

Welcome to The Sunshine Center Presents!

We will be presenting some of the key services that we offer to the community.

Today we are presenting our Nurturing Parenting Class Program!

Since 1986, the Sunshine Center has provided formal parenting classes to help parents gain the necessary tools to help them manage their behavior and become the nurturing parents that they really want to be. These classes help parents to address and resolve some of the issues from their own pasts that may be hindering them in their goals to becoming nurturing parents themselves.

So, what does nurturing parenting mean?

The nurturing philosophy of non-violent parenting focuses on the development of empathy, self-worth, self-awareness, empowerment, discipline with dignity, appropriate family roles and age-appropriate expectations of children's development.

Our instructors have received certification as Nurturing Parenting Class Instructors. This is an evidence-based program to educate parents and community members through awareness, curriculum, and skills that establish intolerance of abuse and neglect as the norm through modified behaviors of actions. The program helps families learn new attitudes and skills designed to reduce family dysfunction.

Our Nurturing Parenting Classes are offered online over Zoom to make them more convenient for our parents and safer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn't mean that our parents are just sitting there watching a lecture! The course is interactive and sometimes even involve getting up and acting out! Classes have to be enjoyable to be effective!

The program is free of charge and open to all - whether you are a parent just wanting to gain some additional parenting skills, someone considering having children, court ordered, or about to become a parent. We realize that children don't come with manuals! We all need help to be the best parents that we can be! Not perfect parents (there's no such thing), but the best parents for our children!

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